jueves, 17 de julio de 2008

How are the experiences of visiting another country and similar immigrating to another country similar? How are they different?

· You will go to know another languages different that your native language
· The cultural shock can happen in different form
· The customs are different s the food, the weather, the people, etc.
· It´s a new experience in both cases
· You need to be stronger to adapted to the new culture

· You have to learn the language to survive
· Your economic status in the first cases (touristic) is better than the second case (immigrant)
· Like immigrant you are looking for to improve your economic situation, it´s not for fun
· It´s difficult to an immigrant to find apartment, get a job, survive.
· Talking emotionally, the immigrant feel all the time or almost the time, under pressure

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Dulciblue dijo...

Hola Luisma, aunque no pueda responder en ingles puedo decirte que entendi algo de lo que escribiste y me gusto.

Debe ser dificil estar en otro pais, aunque como bien dices tiene sus cosas positivas.

un besote

Vanessa Ricart dijo...

Visiting another country is great fun and helps you learn cultural values, and helps a lot with your formaccion at all, either study or work as well or superacion