miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008

The way to happiness and Aristotle

A crossroads between personal fulfillment and the happiness of others

Over the years, - the question about happiness “what it is” and “how can you get it” – has crossed the mind of humans. Aristotle in the Greek antiquity had talked to us about that. For him the term “happiness” is used to designate the highest human good. Aristotle argues that happiness is an activity of the rational soul in accordance with virtue. Aristotle’s insists: “all human beings desire to be happy and the highest good is happiness.

Why do all humans want happiness? Maybe the big question is not why but what it is. Sometimes happiness is confused with the wish of the pleasure that everybody have. I think pleasure and happiness are two different things. For example, the person who only want his own benefits in everything that he do, that is pleasure. The person who can be happy sharing and serving can get happiness.

When we do not find the peace inside us and we need more and more to be happy is when we begin to use the pleasure to fill the void that we feel inside us. This is the moment of the postmodernism. The infinite moment that the humanities want to fill a void that do not have end.

What it is happiness? Although each person has its own definition, happiness is a way of life. It is not a goal because it never finishes. Happiness is the combination between the virtue and personal decision. Happiness is not only for one person, the people with happiness can share his goals and his failures. On the other hand, pleasure is the short and incorrect line to happiness; it is the easy and egotistical way of the life. Our necessity to fill our soul and our confusion using the pleasure and not the authentic way to happiness to fill it, have big consequences because can

We have the last decision. Sometimes happiness is not an easy way. Maybe for some people happiness could be hard, but it is better than live an egotistical life with a lot of pleasure but with an empty soul.

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